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Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Norbar Torque Tools distributor

Reliability and accuracy are critical to your success and central to all of Norbar’s torque tools, which is why their products are used by world class manufacturers around the globe. Their extensive product range is ideal for many standard assembly line applications, and where your needs are more specialized they work with you to design tooling to give consistent results in your application.

Norbar has the widest range of torque tools in the world, supported by their electronic torque measurement program. All transducers up to 108,500 N•m can be provided with UKAS certification to ISO17025 to give you the level of traceability that every modern business will require.

Torque Screwdrivers
Torque Wrenches

Manual Torque Multipliers
EvoTorque Battery Tool

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers
Electronic Torque Multipliers

Norbar distributors around the world are chosen for their ability to provide local support when you need it. Within their family of distributors we share applications and can often recommend solutions that have been tried and tested elsewhere.. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Norbar Torque Tools Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.