Panasonic tools
Panasonic Assembly Tools

Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Panasonic Distributor

Panasonic cordless assembly tools continue to open eyes of production managers intrigued by the cost, safety and ergonomic benefits of airhose-free operation. Air Power proudly offers the complete line of Panasonic mechanical pulse tools, clutch tools and error-proofing systems.

When fastening accuracy and precision is critical, put 100 years of Panasonic manufacturing excellence and 40 years of power tool experience to work on your assembly line.

Introducing 2 new brands. Exclusively districted by Panasonic.

HS-Technik Transducerized Tools & Multi-bay Chargers – Precision digitized screw driving for data-driven factories seeking greater automation, and lower production costs. HS-Technik transducerized DC tools provide intelligent precision fastening strategies that help data-driven factories improve efficiency.

n-gineric Micro Torque Measurement – Think small. Think micro Newton meters. n-gineric micro torque measurement systems ensure high accuracy fastening for screws so small even the human hand can’t hold them.

AccuPulse® HR Series

AccuPulse® HR Series mechanical pulse tools equip quality-conscious plants with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools ever made.

  • Virtually no torque reaction up to 120Nm
  • Two-way wireless connectivity between tool and qualifier
  • Advanced programmable features
  • High resolution encoder for increased accuracy
  • Consistent pulse control
  • Industry 4.0-ready
Cordless Mechanical Pulse Tools

Assure accurate, repeatable fastening on assembly lines where production efficiency and quality control are essential. Featuring torque controlled ranges of 3Nm – 650Nm, Panasonic programmable shut-off mechanical pulse tools deliver superior ergonomics with virtually no torque reaction.

  • Virtually zero torque reaction up to 650Nm reduces worker injury and fatigue
  • Patented torque control mechanism with on-board CPU delivers accurate, repeatable torque
  • Maintains torque as battery power drops
  • Compact, lightweight, hose-free operation for optimal ergonomics and plant safety
  • Li-ion battery operation lowers emissions for improved indoor air quality
  • Single/multi-tool network connectivity with advanced error-proofing
Cordless screwdrivers

Panasonic clutch-based screwdrivers deliver accuracy and adaptability on the most demanding lines.

  • Durable two-speed reversible motors
  • Six-stage and 21-stage steel clutches with auto shutoff
  • Batch count function to 99 fasteners with rehit prevention, 3 tones for batch complete (EY7411)
  • 1/4″ hex quick change chuck, drill and driver mode, LED light
  • Compact design for easy fastening and better ergonomics
  • Clutch cover for operator lockout
Professional Tools

A trusted work mate that makes every job easier. Own a Panasonic professional tool and go to work with what believe are the most advanced, durable and versatile power tools available.

  • Cordless drills, drivers, multi-tools, angle grinders, sealing guns
  • Tough IP™ technology | certified IP56 rating for harsh condition protection
  • Hybrid variable speed reversible switches & brushless motors for dependable long life operation
  • Versatile dual voltage operation accepts 14.4V or 18V Panasonic Li-ion batteries
  • Create a safe, productive workplace with virtually no torque reaction and longer battery life
  • Power, comfort and long runtimes on any job in any condition
Cordless Clutch Tools

When fastening accuracy is crucial, Panasonic basic, programmable and wireless programmable clutch tools deliver repeatable accuracy for a range of fastening applications.

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Cross-thread and rehit detection
  • Advanced error-proofing
  • Long-life internal components
Error proofing

Panasonic assembly qualifiers help you implement advanced error-proofing systems and a zero-defects approach.

Advanced error proofing with Panasonic wireless programmable tools

  • Single-tool, multi-tool & multi-workstation
  • Quality improvement through real-time data
  • Simple tool connection with auto learn
  • I/O and networking capable

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture & heavy equipment
  • Recreational vehicles
  • General industry
Transducerized DC tools – HS Technik

  • Intelligent cordless screwdriver series
  • Transducerized pistol grip, right angle and inline
  • Programmable DC clutch tools
  • Optional onboard Wi-Fi & barcode scanners
  • Industry 4.0-ready
Multi-Tech battery chargers – HS Technik

  • Simultaneously charge up to four batteries from different manufacturers and chemistries
  • Reconditions batteries and extends battery life
  • Quick-swap plug and play adapters conveniently accommodate new batteries
  • Optimize the work cell and free up electrical outlets
  • Available in three space-saving enclosures
Error proofing – HS Technik

  • DMS-based, high precision torque measurement devices
  • All rotating sensors with high-resolution incremental encoders
  • Measurement, visualization and evaluation software
  • Record torque/angle of rotation & torque/time curves
  • Display speed across time measurement, up to 2,000 samples per second
Stationary transducers – n gineric

  • High precision strain gauge based torque sensors
  • Mechanical overload protection clutch (sensors up to 200 cNm range)
  • USB, Ethernet and RS-485 interface
  • Torque window control
Rotary transducers – n gineric

  • Ultra compact size
  • High resolution incremental encoder (0.1 degrees)
  • Brushless energy and signal transmission system
  • High precision strain gauge based torque sensors
  • USB, Ethernet and RS-485 interface

For almost 40 years, Panasonic has developed and manufactured battery driven power tools for professional and industrial applications. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Panasonic Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.

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