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Air Power, Inc is an Authorized Distributor of Ransburg Electrostatic Equipment.

Ransburg is the acknowledged global leader in the design, and manufacture of manual and automatic electrostatic finishing products. They are leaders in spray finishing solutions to the key industrial and automobile manufacturing markets. Ransburg continues to refine its most efficient electrostatic spray painting technology, delivering a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s product, whilst reducing VOC emissions and providing excellent atomization and transfer efficiency.

Ransburg® brand electrostatic products by Carlisle Fluid Technologies (CFT) are leading products for automatic and manual electrostatic finishing processes in industrial and automotive manufacturing markets.

The introduction of the first Ransburg brand electrostatic application system in 1940 created a new and much more efficient finishing process technology for the world. The performance revolution continues with the introduction of rotary atomization technology available in Ransburg brand bell and disc applicators.

Electrostatic paint spraying employs charged particles to more efficiently paint the substrate. The positive charged paint particles are attracted towards the negatively charged object thus vastly improving the transfer efficiency of the coating process. Ransburg utilizes this principle through its manual and automatic spray guns as well as its advanced range of robot and machine mounted rotary and disc applicators.

Ransburg’s most recent innovation, the Ransflex, has reinvented the manual electrostatic spray gun. They have created an applicator that operates by compressed air alone utilizes an air driven alternator coupled to a high voltage cascade assembly that is used to generate the electrostatic charge internally, eliminating the need for an external power supply and cable.

RansFlex Series
Advanced RansFlex Finishing Applicators Integrate The Best of Both Worlds – Ransburg® Electrostatics With Legendary DeVilbiss Atomization Technologies

Aerobell 168
The Ransburg Aerobell is a compact high speed rotary atomizer which provides excellent transfer efficiency with superior atomization.

Aerobell 268
The Ransburg Aerobell 268 is a high speed electrostatic bell rotary atomiser. The Aerobell 268 builds on the performance and reliability of the Aerobell family of products but also offers three colour / triple purge functionality.

Ransburg RCS 2 Ratio Control System
Fast and reliable, the RCS 2 is the ideal choice for applications where short trigger times, quick response, and/or low flow are required. The RCS 2 features magnetically coupled metering pumps that eliminate shaft seal leaks.

Ransburg Vector R70 Classic Gun
The Vector Gun utilizes state-of-the-art materials in the handle, barrel, trigger and air cap.

Ransburg Vector R90 Cascade Gun
Available in water or solvent, the gun is improved from tip to grip.

Ransburg Vector AA90 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Applicators
The Vector AA90 spray gun is a rugged, yet lightweight gun designed with the painter in mind.

Ransburg TurboDisk Rotary Atomizer
The TurboDisk2 produces substantially finer atomization due to its ability to generate much higher rotational speeds and transfer efficiencies. Proven quality improvements are realized with the widest range of coating materials including waterbornes and high solids.