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Whether it’s decreasing intermittent quality issues, reducing material and solvent usage or simply reducing variability in your process, Saint Clair Systems can help.

Since 1990, Saint Clair Systems has designed and manufactured equipment to control the viscosity & temperature of fluids being dispensed. Saint Clair Systems focuses on viscosity & temperature where it matters most; at the point-of-application.

Save Time. Reduce Waste. Improve Quality.

Consider all of the factors you already control when dispensing, (i.e., gun speed, flow rate, material volume, nozzle orifice, etc.). Changing viscosity & temperature, throughout the day, season to season, or even heat generated from the process can easily upset all of those carefully controlled variables creating unplanned adjustments and intermittent quality issues.

Consider that your material temperature and viscosity may be carefully controlled at the source drum or tank. After it leaves the source, it is exposed to a variety of viscosity and temperature changing conditions. These can include changes to the temperature on the plant floor, material shear, and material routing over an oven or past an open door. When quality requirements are high, material is expensive and solvents emit harmful VOC’s, controlling viscosity & temperature can be one of the easiest projects to support.

Their intrinsically safe designs are completely self-contained and easy to install, operate and maintain. Patented devices allow you to measure and control the viscosity & temperature of your material all the way to the point-of-application. Proprietary tools allow Saint Clair Systems to analyze your existing process, determine appropriate solutions and project anticipated results and benefits.

With over 4,000 solutions installed across a wide range of industries, it is likely that they can design and install a solution that decreases intermittent quality issues, reduces material and solvent usage or simply reduces variability in your process.

These days, it’s not enough to simply use a robot in your automated fluid dispensing process. If you want high-quality, reliable, consistent results, you need tight viscosity and temperature control at the point of application. And that’s exactly what Saint Clair Systems does.

Over 99% of businesses who adopt our solutions save money and time, deliver better products, and reduce dependence on manual labor.

Saint Clair Systems
Saint Clair Systems