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Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Sturtevant Richmont Distributor

You may not know the Sturtevant Richmont name, but if you are using torque tools or torque testers, you are using some of their inventions. In 1924, Walter P. Chrysler invented the beam wrench and licensed Paul A. Sturtevant to manufacture and sell the tool. In that moment, the torque error proofing industry was born.

The two companies invented the preset click wrench, the torque screwdriver, interchangeable heads for torque wrenches, power tool testers, digital torque testers, wireless error proofing, and more. Those tools became the backbone of the torque tool industry.

ISO is the Cornerstone of Error Proofing Performance
Sturtevant Richmont was one of the early adopters of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. As the American representative on the working committees that write the ISO standards, their focus is reproducible results, worldwide, through process control.

All SR torque testers, torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers are certified in their ISO/IEC17025:2005 A2LA accredited laboratories.

Systematic and Strategic
Considering Factory 4.0 or Poka-Yoke applications? Sturtevant Richmont tools are designed to eliminate human influence on torque application. This reduces assembly errors while improving through put.

Need Factory 4.0 type data but don’t have the budget for wireless controllers? Sturtevant Richmont has low cost/high value torque solutions like the DTC (digital torque control) torque and angle wrench. The tool stores torque results that can be downloaded via freeware and uploaded into Excel or other applications.

Data can be used to print a “digital birth certificate” to be shipped with the build.

Sturtevant Richmont – Innovation for torque applications backed by the industry leader with over 80 years expertise.

Torque Hand Tools

Produce accurate torque values and improve quality in work cells and assembly lines where cost-effective, lab-certified performance is critical:

  • Preset Torque Wrenches
  • Adjustable Torque Wrenches
  • Preset and Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers
  • Digital Torque Wrenches
  • Beam Wrenches
  • Dial Wrenches
  • Well over 200 interchangeable heads using their patented Dovetail System.
Wireless Error Proofing Tool and Systems

Achieve flexibility and control in your assembly operation using the Sturtevant Richmont wireless error proofing systems. Sturtevant Richmont offers torque controllers and radio equipped torque tools to meet your assembly needs. Whether your operation is I/O or network driven, there is a controller and tool set that will work for you.

  • Torque Controllers
  • Digital Torque and Angle Wrenches
  • Digital Torque and Angle Click Wrenches
  • Click Wrenches
  • Pneumatic Sensor Transceivers
  • Global Host Data Repository
Digital Torque Testing and Calibration Equipment

Whether you are testing tools in the lab or on the plant floor, our testers are designed to test most, if not all common, assembly tools. This includes torque controlled power tools.

Whether you are “bump testing” every day or want to calibrate tools and create a calibration certificate, Sturtevant Richmont has a solution for you.

  • Veritorq: +/- 1% Indicated Value
  • TorqTronics 2: +/- .5% Indicated Value
  • System 8: +/- .25% Indicated Value with Multiple Transducers
  • Torque Tool Manager 4.0

Performance by Design
We design our tools to reduce or eliminate the human influence in the torque application and torque testing process.

Performance by Guidance
Our tools and controllers combine to inform the operator with visual, auditory, and tactile guidance on each fastening. Color, tone, vibration all keep the operator focused on task.

Performance by Behavior Modification
Our system prevents operators from using the wrong tool, making inadvertent changes at the tool level, and more. Our engineers design systems that anticipate where a process might go off track, and then create design elements that prevent that.

More than 75 years ago Paul A. Sturtevant incorporated his torque wrench business and has been providing quality products the entire time. Air Power is proud to be an authorized Sturtevant Richmont Distributor and highly recommend them to our customers.