Air Power, Inc. is an Authorized Treston Distributor

Treston is dedicated to making the workplace better. Their ergonomic workspace products are designed to make daily work easier, more comfortable, and less stressful – the result of which is happier, healthier employees and a more efficient, more profitable workplace.

Their customers can rely on them to provide expert services for building quality ergonomic work environments. Treston workstation solutions comply with the philosophy of LEAN manufacturing, and their wide range of products with ESD protection is suitable for use in ESD protected areas (EPA).

They design, manufacture, and sell quality workstation solutions for industrial and technical work environments. Their range of products covers workbenches, workbench accessories, storage systems, carts, chairs, light fixtures, cabinets, shelves, assembly and production lines, and packing solutions.


The Treston workbenches meet any industrial workbench needs, ranging from low-cost standard workbenches to advanced adaptable designs customized for an existing production line. A well-functioning workstation creates the conditions for working effectively, which in turn improves productivity and well-being at work.


Ergonomic, light-to-move carts make it easy to transport goods and tools around while improving productivity at work. Modular carts by Treston come with a range of accessories and can be easily customized for different jobs and working environments. Also with ESD protection.


Treston storage systems are modular and easy to use. The product family includes shelves, cabinets, bins, drawers, and perforated panels. Any type of industrial workspace can be organized with Treston storage products. In addition to standard products, customized solutions and products with ESD protection available.