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The Bullard FAMB Half Mask positive pressure airline respirator offers a simple means of supplying clean air to workers. Available with both pressure demand and continuous flow approvals, FAMB provides airflow to workers in environments contaminated with dusts, mists, gases and vapors. FAMB airline respirators are approved by MSHA/NIOSH for use in Type C applications.

FAMB features a soft, flexible silicone facepiece that conforms to the worker’s face. The double exhalation valve system offers minimal breathing resistance and reduces worker fatigue. Specifically designed for use with low pressure air sources such as Bullard Free-Air® Pumps, this respirator operates efficiently at air pressures between 1.5 psig (103-138 kPa), depending on hose length. FAMB respirators are also approved for use with high pressure air sources, such as air compressors.


  • Approved by MSHA/NIOSH for use in Type C applications
  • Wide field of vision
  • Can be worn under faceshields, visors and some welding helmets
  • Applications

  • Painting and Coatings Operations
  • Chemical Handling
  • FAMB2 Half Mask Series Features & Benefits

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