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The GR50 offers both respiratory and dermal protection, designed especially to meet the challenges encountered in grinding, brazing and metalworking operations. The lightweight outer hood, made from Nomex®, protects the operator’s entire head, face, and neck from sparks and airborne particulates. The inner bib, made from flame-retardant cotton, is an added protective barrier. Continuous airflow is delivered through a unique neck cuff, maintaining positive pressure inside the hood to help keep contaminants out.

For workers who use compressed breathing air, the GR50 is complete with Nomex® respirator hood, breathing tube, and a choice of belt-mounted, quick-disconnect airline fittings. The GR50 can also be used with convenient and low-cost Bullard Free-Air® pumps. Bullard V10 and V20 air supply hoses, sold separately, are available with point-of-attachment fittings for breathing air compressor systems or ambient air pumps.

GR50 Series Features & Benefits

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  • Weighs only 12 oz. (340 g)
  • When worn with a Bullard hard hat, the hood meets ANSI Z89.1-1986 requirements for protective headwear
  • Bullard climate control devices allow workers to cool incoming air, helping to boost productivity
  • Flexible hood and window enhance worker mobility
  • Inner window, made of 0.040 (1 mm) acetate, stands up to a variety of chemicals
  • No fit testing required



Dupont™ Nomex® is a registered Trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company.

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