A client needed faster color changes…Air Power and Gema to the rescue


Our clients operators were already using Gema box units for their non-recovery powder booths. While the units worked wonderfully these booths were connected and would be considered opposing. Each time they need to change color the operator must lift a 50lb box on and off the vibrating platform. This was a huge ergonomic issue for everyone involved.


After reviewing the setup and assessing the clients daily needs it was obvious that a Gema 8 color quick change package would allow for faster color changes, reduced material handling of the boxes of powder and would better prepare hard to fluidize powders in hoppers verses vibrating box units.


Any time you can make a client’s operation more efficient, save wear and tear on their operators and show the how quickly the ROI would balance out….they are going to be happy. You almost always have to spend money to save money so having a team that understands your operation and knows all the available options to increase productivity is vital. Team Air Power got the job done once again.

Gema Quick Color Change Systems





As temperatures begin to get hotter, viscosity is very much at play when picking the proper pump.


When specifying the proper pump for any fluid application understanding the properties of the fluid to be handled is of the upmost importance.

Viscosity…. is one of, if not the most important variable when determining the proper specification of a diaphragm pump (or any pump) and associated flow rates. The viscosity of many materials fluctuate as ambient temperature’s change through the seasons and as plant conditions change month to month, so understanding the effect viscosity has on sizing pumps is important.


All AODD pump ratings are with water at the pump outlet. For example, a Graco 1050 pump is a 1″ ported pump rated at 50 gallons per minute (water at the pump outlet).  When looking to specify the above example pump, three things must be further evaluated to insure proper performance/specification – Viscosity (will alter flow rate), available air pressure at the pump, pipe or hose size (at pump outlet all the way to the point of discharge).  Once you have determined these variables you can properly select the perfect pump for your unique application.


Getting the right pump will make a world of difference in the efficiency of your set-up. Not only will your flow rates remain stable throughout the year, but downtime will be reduced and the life of your pump will be extended.Perfect Pump




Graco Endura-Flo pump solves multiple issues for large paint booth


The customer came to Air Power wanting to upgrade their pump package that supplies material from their paint kitchen to two applicators on each end of their booth.  The booth runs 60’ long, with a width of 20’ and would be used to touch up dump truck beds.  After running a pressure drop calculation we determined that the material could fall out of solution if there were a day or 2 that no spraying was needed.

Air Power Solution

After reviewing the application with the customer, Air Power proposed using a 3:1 Graco Endura-Flo pump.  This option allows for the 3x the pressure, which was more than enough to overcome any pressure loss during the materials travel, as well as, has a much larger fluid section requiring less wear and tear on the pump while in operation.  Since this is strictly a touch up process and not guaranteed to be an everyday event, we also recirculated the fluid lines to prevent any material from falling out of solution.


This solution provided more than enough pressure to power the required spraying.  Additionally, if there’s an occurrence where the system isn’t used for several days, the customer only has to run the pump a few minutes before spraying to move the stagnant material back within the agitated drum requiring no waste or quality concerns.

The Air Power solution solved the pressure problem, the potential solution issues, and provided a much larger fluid section to prevent wear and tear.




The new Ransburg RM2 has been tested and is officially Air Power Approved

Air Power Technical Specialist Jeff Tussey introduces us to the new Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies.

He gives us a closeup of the new 10″ touchscreen and walks us through the features of this great new product from Carlisle. After our team’s training and rigorous testing we are happy to say the RM2 is AIR POWER APPROVED!

Call Air Power at 1-800-334-1001 and let us tell you more about the Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies

If an application is currently hot-potting, switching to the IntelliFlow RM2 can save over $50,000 a year. Eliminate excessive mixed coating waste and eliminate time required to manually mix coatings. With the RM2, the end user can stand behind their work and validate to customers that the coating is mixed and dispensed properly every time.


* Best-in-class fluid performance
* Cloud-based connectivity
* Visible alarms include instructional fixes, reducing troubleshooting times

* Up to 7 colors with customizable flush sequences per color
* Two hand guns
* 10″ Touchscreen with easy-to-learn interface

Ransburg RM2

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Controlling Viscosity through Proper Temperature Control


Automotive manufacturer was having trouble controlling their paint viscosity with the change in temperature in their facility from morning to afternoon.  The customer was constantly changing fluid pressure to try and keep up.

Air Power Solution

Controlling Viscosity

With Air Power’s partnership with Saint Clair Systems we offered the customer a solution providing them with a Temperature Control Unit and heat exchanges for each color for each of their spray booths.

The Customer Experienced the following benefits:

  • Maintained constant viscosity at point of use to their automatic spray system.
  • Reduced re-works which reduced labor and paint costs.
  • Learned about other deficiencies by maintaining constant viscosity
  • Improved and kept a consistent appearance on all vehicles


The above benefits save the customer TIME and MONEY!

Controlling Viscosity Setup