In order to distinguish themselves within the marketplace the current method of assembly: non shut-off impacts, clutch tools, and hand wrenches, was not satisfactory. Examination by Quality Control Engineers revealed that some critical fasteners were working themselves loose during shipment and installation. Implementing an accurate solution to provide operator feedback and data collection was deemed necessary.

Air Power Solution

In partnership with the customer, Air Power implemented an Ingersoll Rand QX Precision Fastening System. This hand held, battery operated, solution provided a much more accurate final torque, while providing the operators with tightening status feedback, actual torque values, and 1,200 rundowns of tightening data for manual upload and review.


Cordless Battery-Powered  RivNut Tool


Ingersoll Rand QX Series Precision Screwdriver converted into a Rivet Tool. Thanks for watching!

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Ingersoll Rand QX Series Right Angle Wrench Converted into a Inline Wrench


Ingersoll Rand QX Series Right Angle Wrench Converted into a Inline Wrench.

A Inline Wrench with all the perques of the Ingersoll Rand QX Series Cordless tools.

IR Tubenut Operating Options


This shows the operating options of the Ingersoll Rand Right Angle w/ Tubenut attachment.


3 Application Tool Solution with Panasonic Cordless Tools


3 Panasonic Tools for 3 different applications with 3 different torque ranges and visual feedback on tool, light stacks, and qualifier.



Torque To Orient Tool Solution


Our Guys at Air Power put together a single tool solution to replace a multiple tool process.



Adjustable Shut Off Clutch


A demonstration of how air pressure can effect the adjustable shut off clutch on air powered tools.


Down Force Assist Tool Arm Solution


Our Team at Air Power developed a solution for a tool operator.

This solution allows the operator to drill faster and more efficiently while the tool arm does the hard work.


Air Power, Inc. presents a demonstrations of Ingersoll Rand’s Advanced Tightening System by Kyle Crawford