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Assembly Made Simple with help from Air Power, Presto, GCI, and Cleco

In this case study, Air Power builds a custom integrated system that makes Ergonomics, Safety, and Quality simple with a team effort.


This customer is a supplier in the Truck and Bus industry.


The customer needed to outfit a new work cell assembling large metal components. First, the weight of the fully assembled sub-build components exceeded 1000 lbs. requiring a high weight capacity work table. Secondly, the height variation of the operators presented ergonomic issues from shift to shift to ensure each operator performed his necessary tasks at optimum work heights for ergonomics and safety. Thirdly, target torque for each component exceeded the safety threshold for handheld tooling, 69 ft/lbs, and 135 ft/lbs. requiring a torque management solution to be included in the overall work cell build. Lastly, the components needing to be torqued are deemed quality critical, requiring all data for the fasteners to be documented to ensure a proper build.

Air Power Solution

Air Power included the following in our solution; a 2000 lbs. capacity adjustable height pneumatic Presto lift table, a GCI torque reaction arm, and a Cleco MPro 300 controller with right angle NeoTek tool. We were able to meet the high weight by working closely with Presto directly to customize the adjustable height scissor lift table. GCI was able to build a custom torque arm to provide the needed reach and vertical travel while managing up to 240 NM of torque reaction. We were able to mount the torque arm directly to our adjustable height table, allowing the entire work station to adjust to ideal work height for any given operator. All of this wrapped around the brand new Cleco 300 controller with NeoTek right angle tool allowing for a precise fastening solution meeting and exceeding the quality critical parameters required. The Cleco 300 also allows our end-user to monitor, collect, and organize critical data to ensure they every unit out the door is a quality part.




Air Power’s solution addressed all of the problems the customer faced with this assembly process. The Presto Lift table allows the operator to adjust the height of the entire system to eliminate and bending and back strain. The GCI torque arm holds and handles the Cleco right angle NeoTek tool. This eliminates any lifting and hand or wrist injury from handling a torque tool. Lastly, the Cleco mPro 300 controller gave the customer the ability to ensure perfect quality with every assembly.



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Outdated impact guns causing bottleneck on the production line


The customer presented with multiple issues caused by using outdated impact guns in their production process.  1. They were using multiple impact guns at a station with no visibility for tracking torque.  2. The impacts were hard on the operators hands as well as extremely loud.  3. They were having to change tools on the airline constantly.


After on an onsite review of their unique production process, examining the enhanced technology available in newer impact guns, the best solution was to implement Panasonic Transducerized AccuPulse Tools.


The operators are now able to pick up a socket which will automatically change to the desired torque for the correct valve.  The tool is fast, accurate and much more ergonomic than the pneumatic impacts they were using.  They plan to collect data in the future and with the controllers talking to their MES system, they will now be able to do that. Team Air Power was able to create a happy customer with another specialized Manufacturing Solution.

Panasonic case study