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The new Ransburg RM2 has been tested and is officially Air Power Approved

Air Power Technical Specialist Jeff Tussey introduces us to the new Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies.

He gives us a closeup of the new 10″ touchscreen and walks us through the features of this great new product from Carlisle. After our team’s training and rigorous testing we are happy to say the RM2 is AIR POWER APPROVED!

Call Air Power at 1-800-334-1001 and let us tell you more about the Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies

If an application is currently hot-potting, switching to the IntelliFlow RM2 can save over $50,000 a year. Eliminate excessive mixed coating waste and eliminate time required to manually mix coatings. With the RM2, the end user can stand behind their work and validate to customers that the coating is mixed and dispensed properly every time.


* Best-in-class fluid performance
* Cloud-based connectivity
* Visible alarms include instructional fixes, reducing troubleshooting times

* Up to 7 colors with customizable flush sequences per color
* Two hand guns
* 10″ Touchscreen with easy-to-learn interface

Ransburg RM2

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Isolated Paint Control Panel Brings Consistency and Speedy Changeovers to the Production Line


A local gearbox manufacturer has had ongoing issues with multiple paint operators making changes to the paint system throughout the day. They rotate painters every couple of hours so the paint quality and consistency is all over the board throughout the day. We have isolated the spray gun controls and implemented electrostatic painting but they still have issues. All colors run through a manual color change manifold and fluid pressure regulator which limits the fluid pressure even when color changing. There are also issues when the colors aren’t changed on a long run that the other colors settle out in the lines.

Air Power Solution

Paint Control Panel

Air Power built a custom, lockable, control panel with a multitude of controls for the company and for the operators.

  1. Hi/Lo fluid pressure settings though independent air regulators controlling a single Graco air piloted fluid pressure regulator. These are set with supervision and management and are locked from the operators. They have 2 fluid pressures to select from and nothing else to minimize operator adjustments. Pressure selected is visible via included gauges.
  2. Select-able color valve stack via a rotary control to select the color being sprayed as well as the solvent flush.
  3. Graco back pressure regulators on each recirculating line for the 3 colors to allow paints to recirculate when not in use.
  4. Atomizing air pressure adjusted internally and locked out from the operators.
  5. Integrated inlet air filtration to ensure clean, dry air to feed the spray gun


This solution will eliminate the operators each making many adjustments throughout the day and tighten the quality and consistency of their paint process. It will also speed up color changes now that they are select-able via the color stack rotary control along with a flush setting that will allow full solvent pressure to clear the lines. When the flush cycle is selected the atomizing air will be cut off to eliminate the estat safety concern associated with a solvent flush. The re-circulation of the colors will improve the quality and consistency of each color when selected via the color stack. The integrated air filtration will extend the service life of the spray gun while improving the quality of the paint process also.