Choosing Your Powder Equipment Partner


Choosing Your Powder Equipment Partner


In this video, two of Air Power’s application specialists Travis Stirewalt and Eddie Rhodes discuss the things you need to take into consideration when choosing where to buy your powder coating equipment. Air Power shows our true dedication to supporting the needs of our customer base by not only distributing industrial equipment, but also offering repair services in-house and in the field, engineering services for integrated solutions and over 50 years of industry experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help Powder Coat like a Pro!

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Can You Color Change Too Fast?

Manufacturing facilities strive to improve the quality of their finish while reducing color changeover time in an effort to produce the most desirable product quickly. In this study we will discuss the importance of recognizing every company’s desire to improve in these areas and how improvements can be made within a custom powder coating operation.



A local wheel remanufacturer and custom coater located within North Carolina.



This facility was constantly losing valuable production time due to quality rejections.  Once rejected, the part was reworked and coated a second time.  This caused a cumulative effect on both powder usage and man hours proving rework within this facility a high cost and overhead factor.  In addition, the existing manner of color change resulted in the facilities inability to keep up with current workload. Daily operation consisted of: 4 main colors, an occasional “custom” color, and a clear coat.

Air Power’s Solution


Air Power proposed a Gema OptiFlex 2 Wall Unit with multiple dedicated fluidizing hoppers.  These fluidizing hoppers are plumbed for the 4 main colors.  A Gema cup gun was provided for the “custom” colors and clear coat. Air Power was able to provide an onsite demo at the customers facility allowing the customer to test, prove, and inspect the proposed solution prior to investment.  The improvement in both quality product output and line throughput was dramatic.  In addition, the facility was impressed with Gema’s five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty and Air Powers local support and service.




The immediate improvement was first observed within the finish quality which was noticed within the existing customer base.  Due to this improvement, repeat business was observed more readily and additional customers were earned, growing an ever increasing need for a more expansive customer base. Even though workload was increased, production never had to slow down. The quick color change system, with dedicated pump/hose combination, allowed operation to change color quickly removing the former bottleneck.   An added benefit of the system was the removal of pre-heating parts to achieve powder thickness and build.  This result was observed due to Gema’s industry leading transfer efficiency, new found operator control, and recipe programing within the system.

Can you color change too fast?  If you ask this custom coater the answer is no; and their ability to change colors faster with an increase in finish quality has taken the operation to new heights.


OptiFlex 2 Wall Unit color change system


Gema Gun with Cup for small and test batches



New Fosteria Mini Conveyorized Powder Systems

Mini Conveyorized Powder Systems from Fosteria provides flexibility and efficiency for powder coating process.


  • Condense the footprint into areas normally too small for conventional systems
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Provide flexibility for pre-heat, dry-off, number of washer stages, and curing methods
  • Employ economical modular construction

A typical system includes:

  • Three-Stage Open Top Stainless Steel Washer
  • Water dry-off
  • Control Panel
  • Two-Pass Cure Oven
  • Reclaim cartridge spray enclosure
  • Tube track conveyor design

Multiple Stage SS Pretreatment Washer

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cast-iron barrel mount pumps on each station
  • Factory Mutual gas controls
  • UL listed control panel
  • Honeywell controls

Energy Savings Features

  • Burner tube designed for up to 80% efficiency
  • Fully modulating burners with 10:1 turn down ratios
  • High efficiency motors
  • 5″ insulated walls in all heated stations

Dry-Off Oven

  • 5″ thick galvannealed steel insulated oven panel construction
  • Low fire conveyor interlock connection

Cure Oven

  • 5″ thick galvannealed steel insulated oven panel construction
  • UL listed control panel

Energy Saving Features

  • 8# density mineral wool insulation panels
  • Fully modulating direct-fired burners with 40:1 turn down ratio
  • Low fire conveyor interlock circuit

Oven Panels

Panels forming the oven walls and roof will have mineral wool insulation between tongue and groove type exterior and interior 20 gauge sheets. When joined, the panels are all self-supporting.

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Fosteria Mini Conveyor system

Batch Powder Systems

Batch Powder Systems offered by Air Power at a competitive price. Financing options available.

Batch Powder Systems offered by Air Power at a competitive price. Financing options available.


Air Power can help you select the batch powder system that is right for you. This complete system includes the powder booth, curing oven and powder application equipment. Various booth and oven sizes available.

Batch Powder Systems




Gema Manual Powder Guns

Want to learn more about Powder Coating? Well look no further! Air Power is the largest Gema Distributor in the Southeast Region and we’re here to help YOU find success in Powder Coating! This video introduces you to the Gema OptiFlex 2 series of Manual Powder Application Equipment.

Three Gema manual powder coating application units are showcased in this episode of Air Power Live. Included units are the Optiflex 2B (boxfeeder), Optiflex 2F (hopper unit) and the Optiflex 2S (stir unit). Travis Stirewalt breaks down the differences in each of the units and explains the specific strengths. Powder coating JIT, multiple color changes, high humidity situations, long production runs of single color and many more. Which is the best powder coating unit for your application? Watch to learn which system best fits your individual needs and contact Air Power today. Contact Air Power today to find out how we can help you powder coat like a pro!

Watch to learn which system best fits your needs!

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Gema OptiStar Operation


In this video Air Power’s Powder Specialist Matt Mouzon shows you the ease of operating the Gema OptiStar controller on a Gema Optiflex 2B box feeder. Gema offers simplicity with 3 application presets which automatically control KV and current (µA – microamps) that take all the difficulty out of powder coating. Remember Gema makes it easy to use Any Powder, Any Part, Any Place and is the powder application equipment you need to powder coat like a PRO!  Contact Air Power today to find out how we can help you powder coat like a pro!

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Gema Gun Tips & Extensions


In this video, Air Power’s Powder Specialist Matt Mouzon explains and displays several gun tips and easy part changes for the Gema Optiflex powder gun. In addition to the gun tips, also featured are 2 different sizes of gun extensions for the Gema Optiflex powder guns, which allow for a longer reach for hard to reach parts including pipes and large cabinets. Contact Air Power today for replacement parts, gun extensions, electrodes and nozzles that are perfect for your application. Contact Air Power today to find out how we can help you powder coat like a pro!

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Powder Coating Series: Gema Accessories – Cup Gun + Lab Unit


In this episode of Air Power Live, Travis Stirewalt showcases 2 Gema accessories. The first powder coating gun accessory is the Cup Gun – Optiflex 2C which allows for small custom powder coating application projects. The Optiflex 2C fluidizes a small amount of powder and plugs directly into the gun handle. It is a user friendly project winner. The small 3 lb hopper Optiflex 2L. This allows for small volumes of production powder for fully optimized powder fluidizing. It operates in the exact same way as the Gema 50 lb hopper with a smaller footprint. The Optiflex 2L can be purchased by itself or as a package with an Optistar Controller and Optiflex powder gun. Contact Air Power today to find out how we can help you powder coat like a pro!

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