Air Power Airwaves – Wood Finishing Industry Trends (Part 2)

Air Power Airwaves – Wood Finishing Industry Trends (Part 1)

To “Hot Pot” or NOT? The advantages of a 2K Plural Component System!

Air Power Airwaves – The Advantages of the Air Power Finishing Lab

2 days of intense Carlisle Training at Air Power – High Point

The new Ransburg RM2 has been tested and is officially Air Power Approved

Air Power Technical Specialist Jeff Tussey introduces us to the new Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies.

He gives us a closeup of the new 10″ touchscreen and walks us through the features of this great new product from Carlisle. After our team’s training and rigorous testing we are happy to say the RM2 is AIR POWER APPROVED!

Call Air Power at 1-800-334-1001 and let us tell you more about the Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 from Carlisle Fluid Technologies

If an application is currently hot-potting, switching to the IntelliFlow RM2 can save over $50,000 a year. Eliminate excessive mixed coating waste and eliminate time required to manually mix coatings. With the RM2, the end user can stand behind their work and validate to customers that the coating is mixed and dispensed properly every time.


* Best-in-class fluid performance
* Cloud-based connectivity
* Visible alarms include instructional fixes, reducing troubleshooting times

* Up to 7 colors with customizable flush sequences per color
* Two hand guns
* 10″ Touchscreen with easy-to-learn interface

Ransburg RM2

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Ransburg Paint Resistance Tester with CFT


Air Power Specialists Jeff Tussey and Carlisle Representative Shawn McManus discuss the importance of choosing the right paint for your process by testing the paint resistance. In this video, we show you how the Ransburg Paint Tester can eliminate the guesswork when choosing paint for your application process. Contact Air Power to get the Ransburg Paint Tester for your facility.


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Ransburg Paint Tester

Ransburg Paint Tester










More about the Ransburg Paint Tester


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) : Outside the Body



Taking care of both the inside and the outside of your body in the workplace is critical. In this video, Air Power Application Specialist Travis Stirewalt and Account Manager Eddie Rhodes, talk about the importance of Personal Protective Equipment and how to choose the right PPE for your application. Whether you are dealing with HAZMAT, VOC’s or nuisance dust, taking care of your skin, bones, and internal organs are vitally important to staying healthy. Stay tuned as we look to help you maneuver through PPE basics.


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