Torque to Orient Tool Solution


Torque To Orient Tool Solution


Our Guys at Air Power put together a single tool solution to replace a multiple tool process. This solution involved programming a QX tool to fasten the bolt to the required torque and then orient it into the desired position.


Adjustable Shut Off Clutch – Quick Clip


Adjustable Shut Off Clutch


A demonstration of how air pressure can effect the adjustable shut off clutch on air powered tools.


Dispense Robot Solution


Dispense Robot Solution


Our Engineering Department at Air Power, Inc. turned a FANUC robot arm into this automated fluid dispense system.


Down Force Assist Tool Arm Solution

Down Force Assist Tool Arm Solution


Our Team at Air Power developed a solution for a tool operator.

This solution allows the operator to drill faster and more efficiently while the tool arm does the hard work.


4 Spindle Electric Fastening Solution

Here is a demonstration of how the 4 Spindle DC Electric Fastening System works.

Ingersoll Rand Advanced Tightening System

Air Power, Inc. presents a demonstrations of Ingersoll Rand’s Advanced Tightening System by Kyle Crawford

DOTEC Roll Handling Demo

A Demonstration of the DOTEC Friendly Lift Assist Roll Handler.

Indeva Liftronic Easy Demo


A demonstration of the Indeva Liftronic Easy intelligent material handling device.

Thanks to the guys at Indeva for coming to Air Power, Inc. in High Point, NC to show us their new equipment!

GCI Torque Reaction Arm Demo

We’d like to thank GCI Engineering Solutions for coming out and showing us some new tools. You can learn more about these at