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Based on Empire's field-proven Pro-Finish® technology, the IL-885 incorporates a rugged conveyor assembly driving a 9-inch-wide by 72-inch-long belt. Variable speed controls and adjustable parts guides provide the versatility to deburr, clean, profile and finish parts of many different shapes and sizes ranging from tubular to flat; if two sides of a workpiece require blasting, the piece can be reloaded for a second pass.

The angles and distances of the cabinet's gun holders can be adjusted to focus four or six blast guns on work surfaces, enabling users to tailor blast envelopes for a variety of parts. Other features of the IL-885 include: a control panel located on the loading end of the conveyor to shut down or start the system, its lights and the blower motor powering media recycling and dust collection. Variable conveyor-speed control, as well as conveyor "stop" buttons at the entrance and exit vestibules of the cabinet, are also provided.

Six or Four Blast Guns mounted on separately adjustable holders enable operators to control blast coverage.

The IL-885 conveyor includes variable speed controls and adjustable parts guides to handle a wide range of blasting applications.

Econo-Finish® Blast Cabinets

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