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3000 Series Standard RP Paint Arrestors

The 3000 Series provides good all around per-formance for general applications and can be used for most coatings applied by the various spray coating methods. The 3000 series provides an environmentally friendly, degradable solution for any customer’s eco-nomic overspray needs. Available in both rolls and modular pad form, its recommended usage consists of two pads or rolls assembled in tandem.



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3100 Series Standard High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestors

This product has all the characteristics of the 3000 Series, but is designed to hold up to twice the overspray before changing is required. This double service life makes this series ideal for high production applications and wherever a large volume of coating is applied in a relatively small booth space. This longer service life results in less down time, fewer changeovers and greater economy. Rolls or pads are used in tandem. The product is ideal for heavy, tacky coatings or slower drying finishes, but it is not recommended for quick dry lacquer type coatings.


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3200 Series SPRA-GARD High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestors

This overspray product is also similar to the 3000 Series, but has an added polyester backing which increases the overall efficiency needed for very finely atomized overspray particles. Producing excellent efficiencies, the 3200 Series results in a 50% reduc-tion of overspray up the stack, and the poly backing makes it ideal for coating at any rate of production. It is available in pad or roll form and its recommended use is two in tandem.



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3300 Series SPRA-GARD High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestors

The finest efficiencies possible can be achieved with this series of Paint Arrestors. This performance is achieved through the use of a high-density polyester backing which is structurally very strong. Due to the high efficiency, only one role or pad layer is necessary.





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3400 Series SPRA-GARD High Capacity High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestors

his series has all the features and advantages of the 3300 Series, plus a longer service life. It is ideal for extremely high production applications because both peak efficiency and service life can be achieved, thereby reducing downtime and increasing the time interval between changes.





3400 Series Brochure


3600 Series SPRA-GARD High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestors

The 3600 Series offers both longevity and ef-ficiency. This series has all of the advantages of the 3200 Series plus a longer service life. This product works well in high volume spray ap-plications because the high capacity paper provides service life and the polyester provides high efficiency for small particles. Cleaner paint ex-haust stacks and fewer changes of products make the 3600 a preferred total cost solution for many overspray applications.



3600 Series Brochure

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