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Mechanical Proportioner

Multiple pump lower design accurately proportions two-component materials

Fixed Ratio Hydra-Cat proportioners accurately pump plural-component materials by powering two or three positive displacement pumps from a common air motor. This assures that the stroke rate and stroke length of all pump lowers are identical, providing constant proportioning.

Models with two identically-sized lowers provide balanced pumping forces which prevents premature packing wear. Models with three pump lowers and cylinders of various sizes can be selected to provide a wide variety of mix ratios.

Protective Coatings Equipment Catalog

XP™ Plural-Component Sprayers


  • Severe Duty lowers for wear-resistance and durability
  • Multiple pump lower configurations achieve a wide variety of mix ratios
  • Two-pump lower offers a consistent 1:1 mix ratio
  • Three-pump lower provides mix ratios above 1:1 for balanced pumping
  • PTFE packings are standard on Hydra-Cat lowers

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