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REACTOR E-8p for Insulation

Portable Electric Foam Sprayer

For air sealing attics and rim joists with unheated spray polyurethane foam

Designed specifically for new no-heat foam insulation formulations, the Reactor E-8p produces an air-seal solution that's in demand by homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Whether you're expanding your existing insulation application opportunities or just starting your business, the Reactor E-8p provides a quick return on investment. As a touch-up system, the Reactor E-8p frees up larger rigs for medium and large jobs, while enabling you to finish the job affordably.

Build your business by re-insulating existing homes -- Best choice for portability and high-quality foam



  • Haul it in your van or pickup truck
  • Easy to move up and down stairs
  • Telescoping handle and wheels makes it easy to maneuver at the job site
  • Plugs into a standard residential outlet (120 VAC, 15 amp)
  • Weighs just 96 pounds (44 kg)
  • Easy to read pressure gauges ensure you're spraying on-ratio and delivering
    high-quality foam
  • An economical alternative to froth kits

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