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Soft Stop/ESD

VersaTec ESD models are designed for the assembly of precision electronic components that are sensitive to electronic shock.

The Soft Stop feature reduces the clutch inertia to 1/10 that of standard models. This lowers the workpiece reaction and thus reduces the risk of failures on sensitive electronic components.


  • Award winning ergonomic design shared by all VersaTec tools
  • Class 100 Clean Room rating
  • Vacuum pick-up ready (optional accessory)
  • Variable free speed/soft start features built into controller

ESD (Electro-Static) Control

  • Carbon fiber impregnated housing, trigger, switches, and controller face
  • Carbon powder control cord with resin coating
  • Grounded automatic shut-off clutch
  • Fully grounded controller (EC24N-ESD)

Soft Stop Clutch

  • Minimizes soft and hard failures to sensitive electronic equipment by limiting the motor inertia as the clutch begins to shut off
  • One way clutch - direct drive in reverse for easy removal of tightened fasteners

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