Air Power – Lenoir

Our Lenoir Branch is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Branch Manager, Mark Davis is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service. This branch offers a convenient Front counter with access to a 7500 sq ft. warehouse stocked with replacement parts to cut down unexpected downtime.

Expecting a delivery? You’ll likely meet Steve who makes all of the local deliveries. Give us a call today and our Customer Service Reps Brittany and Janie will be happy you find what you need! #AIRPOWER #LENOIR

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[/uh-sem-buh l/]:

to create by putting components or members together; construct; fabricate; bond

ASSEMBLE | Air Power



change the place or position of; transfer from one location to another – liquid or solid; transfer of chemicals

MOVE | Air Power



provide with a layer or covering of something; apply a coat to; cover, paint, glaze, wash, powder coat

COAT | Air Power

Meet our Air Power – Lenoir Team

Rebecca Tussey
Regional Sales Manager
Mark Davis
Branch Manager
Janie Murph
Customer Service
Brittany Murph
Customer Service
Rusty Clinton
Account Manager
Ethan Benfield
Account Manager
Len Morrison
Account Manager
Randy Pennington
Account Manager
Rodney Benefield
Application Specialist
Jason Butler
Application Specialist
Mark Richardson
Application Specialist
Mike Rogers
Application Specialist
Rocco Venditto Jr.
Application Specialist

Air Power – Lenoir

Air Power – Lenoir Coverage Map