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Quick Exhaust Valvesimage

Quick exhaust valves are designed to quickly exhaust pneumatic cylinders. This increases the cylinder rod speed by dumping exhausted air directly at the cylinder port. Using a QEV to increase cylinder speed allows for a smaller valve to be used in the system. Specifications and dimensions can be found in the Mead catalog.





  • Six sizes to choose from: 1/8" to 1" port size
  • Increases your cylinder speed
  • Less expensive power valve needed for system
  • Repair kits for QEV's
  • Cv: .10 up to 4.40 
  • Provide rapid exhaust of control air when placed between control valve and actuator

Shuttle Valvesimage

Shuttle valves actuate cylinders or valves from either of two air sources. A shuttle valve is like a tube with three openings; one on each end, one in the middle. A ball blocking the valve moves freely within the tube. When air is exerted through an opening on one end, this pushes the ball towards the opposite end, preventing air from traveling through to the other end.





  • Allows air to flow through it from one of two sources
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Available in 1/8" or 1/4" tube sizes
  • Material: Brass and Aluminum
  • Length: 2" to 2-3/4"
  • Ball material is Buna

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