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Roll a closed drum to mix and blend the contents with Morse industrial drum mixers.




  • Compact, portable industrial drum mixer and drain stand rolls a closed drum on its side to agitate the contents.
  • Mixing contents inside a sealed drum eliminates worker exposure and reduces clean-up.
  • Portable drum mixers agitate and blend drum content without opening the drum!
  • Utilize important ingredients that would otherwise be left in unmixed sediment.
  • Eliminate the hazards and clean-up of messy transfer of contents.

Agitate your drum's contents without opening the drum! Incorporate important ingredients and eliminate sediment in the bottom of your drum. Mixing in closed drums eliminates the hazards, worker exposure, and messy cleanup associated with insertion mixers. This compact, portable mixer and drum cradle rolls closed drum to blend the contents. You may also dispense directly from your drum through a faucet. The built-in tipping bar provides leverage to ease loading and unloading. The sides and back are enclosed to protect the drive.

  • Roll drum 6" to 28" (15 to 71 cm) in diameter on (8) 4" diameter neoprene wheels
  • Roll drum measuring up to 40" (101.6 cm) tall
    Note: The tipping lever will only engage a drum 30" (76.2 cm) or taller
  • Capacity of drum mixers varies with model number
    • 500 Lb. (227 kg) Liquid Load
    • Up to 400 Lb. (181 kg) Dry Load. A shifting dry load exerts greater stress on the drum rotator.
  • Specify choice of drum RPM and motor type when ordering drum mixers.
  • Dimensions of drum mixers
    • Drum mixers stand just 19.25" (48.9 cm) tall when rolling a drum, making loading and unloading easier.
    • Drum mixers measure 21" wide x 34.75" long (53 to 88 cm) with drum in rolling position.
  • Built-in retractable tipping lever to assist loading the drum mixer.
  • Use drum mixer as drain stand to dispense from drum
  • The enclosed sides and back protect the drive mechanism
  • Drum mixers are available with various motor options
    • Single or 3 phase electric motors
    • Explosion-proof electric
    • 50Hz or 60Hz electric motors
    • Air powered

Portable Drum Rollers Brochure


Use the kickstand to prop the drum roller on end. Then place your drum onto the base plate
of the drum mixer with a drum truck or a below-hook drum lifter.


The built-in retractable tipping lever assists in loading a heavy drum onto the drum mixer.


Custom type 304 stainless steel Portable Drum Roller.

 Drum mixers for use in food or pharmaceutical applications.



Belted portable drum rollers are available with same drum speed and motor types.







Option # 1-5P Idler Attachment to Roll a 1 to 5 Gallon Can

  • Extends usefulness of the drum mixer to roll a 1 to 5 gallon cylindrical can up to 18" (45.7 cm) tall
  • Comes complete with adjustable spacers and mounts
  • This option is for 201 and 201VS portable drum rollers
  • Not for belted drum rollers


Also see 5-Gallon Can Tumblers designed specifically to tumble 1 to 5 gallon cans / pails end over end to more vigorously mix the contents



Enclosure with Safety Interlock with Portable Drum Roller (sold separately)


Place your drum roller into the cage and close it to begin rolling. When the cage is opened, the drum roller is automatically shut off.


Install all Morse Rotators in accordance with local requirements for enclosure and safety interlock, etc. One way to accomplish this is with a Morse enclosure with safety interlock, so the rotator automatically turns off when enclosure door is opened. Power connections and motor controls must also comply with applicable local codes.


For OSHA compliance in the USA, see OSHA subpart O.1910.212(a)(4) "Barrels, containers, and drums. Revolving drums, barrels, and containers shall be guarded by an enclosure which is interlocked with the drive mechanism, so that the barrel, drum, or container cannot revolve unless the guard enclosure is in place."


Option # POLY-201 to roll a plastic drum on the same drum mixer


Plastic drums are soft-sided and lack the ridged ribs and rims of a steel drum. They require special features to position them on the drum roller, and to prevent them from traveling lengthways during rotation.





This option includes:

  • Three extra wheels on each side support your plastic drum. The weight is then distributed over a total of 14 wheels.
  • End stop to prevent a plastic drum from traveling lengthways while being rolled.
  • Chain to latch around the top of the drum while tipping from upright to horizontal rolling position on the drum mixer. The chain should then be released during drum rolling.
  • Units with this option installed ship on a skid and add 62 Lb. to the ship weight.

Option # POLY-201
Order this option factory installed on your new portable drum roller.

Option # POLY-201FI
Kit for field installation to roll a plastic drum on your existing portable drum roller.


NOTE: You can roll a plastic OR a steel drum with Option # POLY-201 installed

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