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  • ProMix 2KE

  • ProMix 2KS/3KS

  • ProMix PD2K

  • M2K



ProMix 2KE Proportioners

Compact, Entry-Level Plural Component Proportioners

Compact, entry-level proportioner available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies

ProMix 2KE Product Brochure

Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix 2KE makes plural component finishing EASY. Designed for multi-color, two component, in-booth applications.


  • Designed for multi-color, two component, in-booth applications
  • Choose between pump-based or meter-based plural component systems
  • Stay on ratio within predefined tolerance limits, down to ±1% with the meter version and ±2% with the pump version
  • Off-ratio material will not reach your product – eliminating expensive re-work
  • Easy to service cartridge style fluid valves
  • Ability to program maintenance reminders

LCD Display

  • Mounts up to 10 feet away with standard cable
  • Simple operation functions: standby, spray, purge and flushing
  • Displays mix ratio, pot life time(s), and material flow rate
  • Easy to change colors on meter units
  • Material use screen for tracking costs and creating environmental reports
  • Settable maintenance reminders: pump cycles, valve cycles and filter days

ProMix 2KS Proportioners and ProMix 3KS Proportioners

Electronic Plural Component Proportioning Systems

Electronic proportioner for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials

ProMix 2Ks and 3Ks Product Brochure

Graco's two- and three-component proportioners offer precise and reliable electronic plural component proportioners for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. From entry level to upgraded applications, the ProMix 2KS and 3KS systems provide flexibility and increased efficiency.

  • Offers the highest degree of ratio assurance
  • Provides critical process variable feedback
  • Built in system safeguards
  • Effective color change solution
  • Efficient material tracking and reporting


  • Manual and automatic configurations
  • Intrinsically safe fluid panels easily integrate into hazardous areas
  • Single- or multi-color and catalysts
  • Accurate ratio assurance for superior finish quality
  • Simple programming allows fast set up and efficient process control
  • Advanced web interface provides consolidated system management and reporting

*All accessories and installations need to meet local, state and national codes

ProMix PD2K Proportioners

Positive Displacement Proportioning System

100% Positive Displacement Technology for accurate mix ratios and consistent performance

ProMix PD2K Product Brochure

The ProMix PD2K mixes the material close to the gun so the flush zone is significantly smaller. This allows customers to use less paint, spend less on disposal costs and allows for faster color changes. And because there is limited mixed material in the system, the ProMix PD2K is ideal for short pot life materials. It is also compatible with acid-based materials.


  • Up to 80% reduction in flushing waste over the most efficient traditional proportioning systems
  • Limited mixed material in the system - great for short pot life materials
  • Faster color changes and less material to flush mean less waste and less downtime
  • Stalls under pressure for consistent, on-ratio results (within 1% accuracy)
  • Proportion both epoxy and urethane with ONE system
  • Manage up to 30 colors and 4 catalysts with 2 or 4 dosing pumps 
  • Field serviceable in less than 20 minutes - no need for costly factory rebuilds like gear pumps

M2K Proportioners

Fixed Ratio, Entry Level Mechanical Proportioner

Ideal for lower volume two component epoxy, polyurethane and polyester materials

M2K Product Brochure

Graco’s new M2K proportioning system eliminates hand mixing in an easy to use, compact design. This fixed ratio machine keeps your mix ratio consistent, minimizing flush time, material waste and clean up associated with hand mixing. Plus there’s a version specifically designed to manage split batch polyester materials.


  • Increase mix material accuracy to improve finish quality and reduce material waste, compared to hand mixing
  • Compact size makes it faster and easier to flush, saving you time and disposal costs
  • Ideal for lower volume two component epoxy, polyurethane and polyester materials
  • Proven reliability on key system components, including our Merkur air motor
  • Choose from air spray, air-assist and airless spray technologies

High Performance and Protective Coatings

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robotic blast cell features


XM Plural-Component Sprayers

Discover the next evolution in plural-component spraying

High-pressure equipment for protective coatings

Precise ratio assurance in a fully configurable system

Engineered to handle the toughest protective coatings, the Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayer provides precise ratio control, allows users to download historical spraying data, and handles a wide range of two-component materials.

At the heart of the ratio control is Graco's advanced dosing technology. The major component is constantly flowing while the minor component is injected at higher pressures. Advanced sensing technology allows pumps to compensate for pressure fluctuations, resulting in accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste.

Ideally suited for marine, bridge, rail and wind energy applications, the Graco XM is fully configurable for your specific coatings job. Start with a base unit. Then select the accessories you need. You get exactly what you need. No more. No less.


  • New dosing technology assures accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste
  • Advanced, intuitive user controls provide real-time display of ratio
  • USB port lets you easily access and download historical spraying data
  • Supports multiple spray guns for added productivity
  • Allows for easy crane transport with eye hooks on air motors
  • Variable ratio system - handles material ratios from 1:1 to 10:1

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