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  • RansFlow Ratio Control

  • DynaFlow CC

  • RCS 2 Ratio Control System

RansFlow Ratio Control

Working with your current paint application system, the RansFlow precisely meters and mixes multi-component materials.

This electronic metering system provides accuracy and repeatability for consistent finish quality. The RansFlow not only provides critical control but also lowers costs by reducing reworks and frequency of paint system maintenance. Simple and easy to integrate, the RansFlow fits seamlessly into your existing application and is designed to work with both manual and automatic systems. The closed loop system is self-correcting and provides an alarm system to prevent paint from hardening in the lines. Flush and fill cycles are programmable to make color changes fast and easy while the microprocessor stores up to 100 different paint recipes. Allowing for increased compatibility of flow rates and viscosities, the RansFlow is adaptable to meet all of your finishing needs.

  • Performance and Simplicity: in a compact package
  • Modular Design: controller and fluid section are separate, stand-alone units that can be located almost anywhere. The fluid panel can be located inside of the spray booth area
  • Touch Screen Interface: uses graphic icons for simple programming and operation
  • Stores Up To 99 Jobs/recipes: ideal for users with many different colors and ratios
  • Programmable Flush/Fill Cycles: makes color change quick and easy while reducing the amount of waste generated
  • Compatibility: to interface with a wide variety of flow meter types (gear, piston, coriolis)
  • Built-In USB Flash Drive Interface: for usage report retrieval and parameter back-up


Size: Main Control Console – 24” w x 24” h x 9” d
Operating Temperature: 32o F to 130o F inside enclosures
Operating Humidity: 0% to 95%
Power Input: 120 VAC @ 2 A or 240 VAC @ 1 A, 50/60 Hz. (self selecting)
LCD Display: 6.5” Diagonal, Full Color, 640 x 480 pixels (Utilizing a touch screen for input of data.)
Processor: AMD Geode GX533
Flow Capacity: 10 cc’s/min to 4000 cc’s/min per channel (dependant upon material and flowmeter limitations)
Viscosity Range: 30 cp to 500 cp
PID Loop Updates: 50 times/second/channel
Job Tables: 100 Jobs (P-Sets) per gun (Stored in non-volatile flash memory)
Data I/O: USB port available for retrieval and printout of flow totals and saving and restoration of job data

RansFlow™ Brochure

DynaFlow CC

Versatile Flow Control platform with color change optimization.

  • Modular Color Changer With Air/Solvent Purge: graphic display for quick color change, flush and load sequences
  • Single Location Monitoring of Multiple Systems: allows for convenient system supervision
  • Configurable Operating Parameters: able to store and recall up to eight manual and/or automatic gun applicators and each gun can store up to 100 sets of job parameters (recipes)
  • User-Friendly Back Lit LCD Touch Screen Panel Display: makes on-screen reading clear and adjustment of parameters simple
  • USB Flash Drive Backup of Configuration and Operational Data: secures and protects vital information while offering effortless retrieval and restoration
  • On-screen Comprehensive Diagnostic Data, Help Text and Troubleshooting Guide: provides quick and easy problem-solving
  • Automatic Reverse Flow Detection And Alarming: prevent costly downtime and maintenance
  • Pot-life Timer Alarms: alerts the user when necessary maintenance is required or can initiate an automatic flush sequence
  • Multi-lingual text options: user can select a preference of language from provided menu
  • Weepless MVR Valve: reduces the chance for critical leakage
  • NEMA Enclosure with Hinged Doors: allows for easy access to internal connections and maintenence
  • User-Friendly Menus: simple, straightforward information for system operation
  • Critical, Programmable Color Change Sequencer: makes color change an effortless process
  • True Closed Loop Flow Control: automatic control provides a continuous and uniform application


Size: Main Control Console - 24" H x 24" W x 18" D
Operating Temperature: 32 degrees F - 130 degrees F (inside enclosures)
Operating Humidity: 0 - 95%
Power Input: 120 VAC @4A, 240 VAC @ 2 A, 50/60 Hz
LCD Display: 15" diagonal, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution Color Processors: Intel@80C Series
User Interface CPU: Intel Pentium III or IV
Flow Capacity: 10 cc's/min - 4000 cc's/min per channel (depending on material and flowmeter limitations)
Viscosity Range: 30 cp - 500 cp
PID Update Time: 30 m sec/channel
Job Tables: 100 Jobs (P-Sets) per gun

DynaFlow™ CC Brochure

RCS 2 Ratio Control System

Provides absolute on-ratio gear-driven mixing and metering control.

RCS2 is the latest generation Ratio Control System which establishes a new standard for precise electronically controlled gear-pump metering. Fast and reliable, the RCS 2 is the ideal choice for applications where short trigger times, quick response, and/or low flow are required. The RCS 2 features magnetically coupled metering pumps that eliminate shaft seal leaks.

  • Accurate, Consistent Proportioning: RCS 2 software provides user-friendly programmable alarm tolerances, programmable pot-life timer, multiple flow rates and ratios, and no exotic mixing chambers to maintain or external fluid boosters or balancing pumps required.
  • Magnetically Coupled Fluid Metering Pumps: RCS 2 technology has an established record for reliability in high performance finishing systems. With no critical seals to worry about leaking or maintaining, you get trouble-free on-ratio performance year after year.
  • Flushable Color Pump: RCS 2 is specifically designed to accommodate color to color changes with no color carryover.
  • Modular Color Changer with Air/Solvent Purge: RCS 2 offers a graphical display for optimizing color change, flush, and load sequences. Different sequences and times can be programmed for every color (parameter set).
  • Ultimate System Flexibility: RCS 2 can be used with rotary atomizers, bells, disks and either electrostatic or non-electrostatic sprayguns. The system can be configured as a stand-alone cart-mounted assembly, as individual control panels for integration into an existing paint shop, or the control racks and boards can be mounted in an engineered control panel such as the ITW Ransburg PPS station.
  • Programmable Gun Types: RCS 2 can be easily integrated into either automatic or manual multi-applicator systems. System can be configured for flow and ratio control for automatic guns or ratio only mode for manual or hand gun applications.


Size: 71H x 25W x 32D
Weight: 400 lbs.
Operating Temperature: 32 degrees F - 130 degrees F
Operating Humidity: 0% - 95%
Pneumatic Air Consumption: less than 5cfm
Pneumatic Inlet and Outlet Size: 3/8 ODT
User Interface Processor: 1GHz Intel PIII running Windows embedded XP
Control Processor: Motorola MC68HC16
Fluid Capacity: 0.9 cc/min - 1500 cc/min per pump
Fluid Inlet Size: 3/8 ODT
Fluid Viscosity Range: 20 - 1000 centipoise
Fluid Input Pressure: 3 - 120 psi
Fluid Outlet Pressure: 200 psi max.

RCS 2 Brochure

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