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The OptiGun automatic powder gun is compact and easy to maintain. With color changes, the gun is quickly cleaned and ready to be used again. The nozzles are removed in a flash, they are cleaning-friendly and contain a minimum of parts that are subject to wear.  Whether using Standard or Metallic powders, the 100 kV high performance cascade ensures the optimum results at all times.


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OptiStar Control

The OptiStar control module with DVC (Digital Valve Control) technology guarantees you accurate and reproducible coating results.

Three standard programs for flat parts, profiles and re-coating and 250 customized programs are available via the Display Pilot.


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OptiFlex A2

The OptiFlex A2 with its powder coating guns is user-friendly.  It also meets the capacity for integration all the way down the line. Thanks to its modular system, the unit can be perfectly tailored to meet the customer’s needs.


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OptiFlex A2 Control System

The OptiFlex A2 with its powder coating guns is user-friendly.  It also meets the capacity for integration all the way down the line. Thanks to its modular system, the unit can be perfectly tailored to meet the customer’s needs.





You can overview the entire powder coating system and choose all parameters directly via touch screens of the MagicControl and OptiControl units.


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Your powder management solution

imageGema presents a new generation of powder management systems: the OptiCenter. It is clean, it is quick, it produces outstanding coating results, and it is a new modular concept for integrated powder management. First of all, OptiCenter is convincing in terms of its functional properties.

Short suction tubes, new injectors, and optimized pneumatic connections ensure a higher powder flow rate with less air consumption, resulting in reduced wear and tear. The overall design allows extremely quick color change. No separate tools are required, and all functions are integrated into the system. The compact design forms an ideal basis to integrate gun, axis and booth control. Gema supplies the OptiCenter with a controlled powder loop and process. This enables extremely economical powder usage and leads to outstanding coating results.

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MagicCompact Powder Booth

The MagicCompact system can be easily integrated into any plant configuration. Whether in a pure automatic configuration, with pre-coating or with combined pre and post touchup stations, all solutions are possible. Worldwide references in all industries confirm the versatility of the MagicCompact quick color change system. In our state-of-the-art test lab we determine, in collaboration with you, the optimal configuration designed to meet your requirements and needs.


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MagicCompact Equiflow Powder Path


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MagicCylinder Powder Booth

The quick color change system MagicCylinder is designed to handle a large variety of colors. The round booth with a patented central suction system guarantees extremely quick and clean color changes. All this without any mechanical cleaning tools or entering the booth!


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MagicCylinder Powder Path





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SMART Series Powder Booths

Gema’s SMART Series Booths are versatile and can be configured to meet a wide variety of application needs. The design makes installation easy, even in the most challenging spaces, and the level of customization is exceptional. No other cartridge collection booth is as easy to operate or offers you this level of quality and performance.


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Uniform powder transport

Stable powder delivery, easy-to-clean internal design and low maintenance costs are the main benefits of the OptiFlow powder injector.



OptiFeed PP06


Powerful and gentle powder conveying!

Fresh-powder conveying over long distances has to meet specific requirements.

The new Powder Pump OptiFeed PP06 has been developed with special focus on these challenging  requirements. The PP05 is particularly suited for a long distance powder transport directly from the original powder container.

The benefits of the OptiFeed PP06: 

• Transport of large powder quantities on long distances and large height differences

• Gentle powder conveying by little air consumption

• Automatic cleaning program

• Powder hose emptying

• Maintenance interval monitoring

• Easy start-up

• Suited for organic and enamel powders


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OptiFeed B FPS 19

Fresh powder transport from the original container

The OptiFeed B (FPS19) Fresh powder system is designed for conveying the powder directly from the original powder manufacturer's container. The OptiFeed PP06 Powder pump transports the powder from the original powder box up to a distance of 25 meters.

The equipment technology includes:

  • movable trolley
  • container vibration
  • suction lance with integrated fluidization

The key advantages of the PP06 at a glance:

  • conveying of large quantities of powder across long distances and different height levels.
  • gentle conveying of powder with minimal air flow
  • cleaning program in suction and conveying direction
  • powder hose cleaning
  • option to connect superior control systems
  • easy to put into operation
  • suitable for organic, metallic and enamel powder


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MagicControl CM-10
and OptiControl CM-20 enable to overview the entire powder coating system and to choose all parameters directly via the screen. The clear icons and action messages offer your coaters an intuitive operation of the control systems.

Your individual coating programs are precious, that’s why you can store them onto CompactFlash cards. Call up your specific programs via the icons to repeat your coating results at any time.

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