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Ransburg delivers a compact, automatic electrostatic spray gun with the Evolver SE. The gun’s simple, rugged and reliable design is ideally suited to reduce coating usage while providing maximum uptime. Built on the proven Evolver platform, the Evolver SE is the most advanced automatic applicator in the market today.

Ideally suited for fixed gun, reciprocator or robotic applications, the Evolver SE’s advanced air cap technology is sure to meet your finishing needs. Able to achieve fine particle atomization, the gun’s proven air caps deliver uniform spray patterns, consistent paint build-up and quality finishes.

Durable and reliable in even the toughest production environments, the applicator minimizes maintenance and unwanted downtime. Major product components are made of high strength, engineered resins.

The Evolver SE Gun is VOC compliant today and tomorrow. Delivering transfer efficiency that is 30% higher than non-electrostatic spray guns, the Evolver SE can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your finishing operation in today’s green environment. Minimizing paint consumption and overspray, the gun’s 85kV charging voltage delivers superior wrap for an eco-friendly application.

Evolver SE Brochure

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