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The Ransburg EZMation entry level robotic package provides customers with an economic opportunity to improve their finishing process with a robotic package at an affordable price. Our robotic package is designed for budget conscious customers currently using manual systems looking for the transfer efficiency, repeatability and consistency only robotics are capable of delivering.

EZ Mation Automatic Robotic System Brochure

    This economical robotic package addresses the needs of customers on tight budgets while still requiring high quality, consistent finishing. Candidates for this EZMation system would include limited production run “job shop” facilities spraying a wide variety of parts, operations where product is mounted on a chain-on-edge type conveyor system or small parts manufacturers.

    The EZMation Robotic Automation Package includes:

  • Applicator Options: AGX, AGXV | AGMD-514/515 | Evolver SE
  • Fanuc 200iA Robot (standard or long arm)
  • 9050 power supply (if Evolver SE selected)
  • Tubing bundle

    Optional accessories include:

  • Fluid delivery system (pressure pot or pump)
  • Color select system:
    – CCV color stack (2 to 6 colors)
  • Fluid regulation
    – HGS regulator
    – Binks 84-598
    – DR-1 regulator

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