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Gema's Gun Positioning Alternatives

Gema's family of gun positioners includes the ZA RECIPROCATOR(for vertical movement on the Z axis) and the XT POSITIONER(for horizontal movement on the X Axis). The efficient automation of these positioners allows for optimized coating quality.

Compact and efficient, the ZA RECIPROCATOR's motor drives are located within the unit's housing. Also, because the ZA is belt driven, it is quieter and exhibits less wear than previously counter-weighted models. An additional benefit is its narrow column design, permitting space-saving gun configurations.

Advanced Control With OptiMove Control

Modern reciprocators call for modern controllers. For this reason the ZA RECIPROCATOR and XT POSITIONER are controlled by the technologically advanced OptiMove Control Unit. This controller displays accurate digital readouts and is capable of handling up to 255 reciprocating programs. This allows you to precisely control gun positioning and movement for maximum flexibility.

Designed to Last

Built to withstand the rigors of the powder coating environment, Gema has designed the ZA RECIPROCATOR and the XT POSITIONER to be tough and durable. The solid construction of these machines enables heavy loading capabilities and high stability.

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