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1025 RED D MIX

The 1025 Red D Mix one gallon gyro mixer continues to add to the long line of product innovation from Red Devil Equipment. The gyroscopic mixing action of the 1025 Red D Mix ensures a thorough mix for a wide range of materials. In addition, the 1025 Red D Mix accepts any one gallon shaped container with out an adapter or special loading requirements.

An advanced Direct-Drive™ gear system with a 2:1 mixing ratio, and one step clamping system allow for quick and smooth operation for all your mixing needs. The 1025 Red D Mix is very easy to use and is extremely quiet, making it an ideal product for many environments.


  • Mixes gallons and containers ranging from 7 to 8¼ inches in height and a maximum diameter of 8½ inches
  • Includes adapter for mixing quarts and containers ranging from 4¾ to 6¼ inches in height and a maximum diameter of 5¾ inches for the bottom plate and a maximum of 8½ inches in diameter for the top plate
  • One-step clamping system allows for quick and easy loading and unloading
  • 25 lb. standard load capacity
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 1450; Certified to CAN/US C22.2 STD No. 68.

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