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D-Series Benchtop and Gantry

Loctite® D-Series Benchtop and Gantry dispensing robots are designed with features that further simplify and automate your adhesive dispensing process. These state-of-the-art,high precision systems, provide market leading, cost effective solutions, when integrated with our wide variety of dispensing and light curing systems.






  • Independent dispense on/off purge control button on front panel allows adhesive to be purged from a dispense valve to prevent curing or for aiding initial set-up. Great for purging of two-part materials that have a very short pot life.
  • Integrated solution - plug and play accessories.
  • Software utility program compensates for positional offsets when dispense needle tips or barrels are changed.
  • Teach Pendant program storage capabilities allows dispense program to be easily transferred from Robot to Robot.
  • Over-speed error indicator prevents Robot from traveling too fast.
  • 100 programs, 4,000 points memory per program.
  • Brush area function command allows the tip to "paint" a specifically designed area.
  • No programming experience required.

General Purpose Benchtop and SCARA-N Robots

Loctite® general purpose robots are designed to accommodate a wide range of automated assembly operations that include adhesive dispensing. These GP robots have the same high precision capabilities as our D-Series but do add 4-axis motion options. Sizes up to 510mm x 510mm are also available.




The Loctite® S440 Series SCARA-N Robots provides maximum flexibility for complex dispensing applications. These robots feature a multi-jointed arm that moves above the work surface. The robot dispensing area is a kidney shaped area determined by the two arm lengths.

Both systems are are available in eight configurations; 3 or 4 axes, 110 or 220 V power, standard or CE certified are all available to meet your process requirements.

Programming accessories, dispensing equipment, cables and mounting hardware are sold separately.

imageRotary Dispense System


The Loctite® Rotary Dispense System is used for dispensing adhesives onto a customer’s part in a circular or arc pattern. It is a fully integrated system that will control a syringe system, cartridge, or dispense valve (no separate valve controller is required). Internally synchronized operation of an advancing slide, turntable, and dispense timer makes for easy and repetitive placement of the adhesive. The set-up is simple, using only a timer and motor speed adjustment (no complex programming!)

imageAdvancing Slide Station


The Loctite® Advancing Slide Dispense Station provides repetitive dispensing or potting operations that require motion in the Z- axis. The unit will control any Loctite® syringe, cartridge or dispense valve. No separate dispense controller is required. The programming is menu driven using a multi-line back-light display. Installation and integration with a dispense syringe, cartridge or valve is very simple only requiring a mounting bracket and several pneumatic connections.

imageD-Series - Programming and Integration Accessories


Programming is a snap with our user-friendly Teach Pendant specially designed for use with our Loctite® D-Series Robots. Additonal tools are also available to easily integrate all of our dispensing or light cure systems.

imageGP-Programming and Integration Accessories


Loctite® Robots can be easily integrated with all of our dispensing or light cure systems utilizing our custom made connection devices. Programming is also a snap with our user friendly teach pendants for both SCARA and Benchtop models.

imageGuarding Packages and Workbenches


The Light Curtain Guarding Package is an integrated safety enclosure to support Loctite brand 200, 300, 400, 500, and SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) Robots. All of these Robots are fully compliant with RIA (Robotics Industry Association) safety guidelines. The enclosure has transparent hard guarding on three (3) sides with a clear anodized aluminum extrusion frame, and a full-length safety light curtain on the front side. The light curtain guarding will permit loading and unloading of production parts while protecting the users from Robot motion.

imageMounting Hardware


Choose from a wide array of mounting hardware for all of the Robots.

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