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Software and tool have integrated communications.

  • Store specifications, download matching instructions to tool and printer.
  • Tool display tells operator exactly which instruction is active!
  • LED color tells operator exact status at all times. Green is good!
  • Interchangeable Heads for these tools.


The 3000-Series is the upgrade replacement for the Exacta Plus Digital Torque Wrench - and quite an upgrade it is! These tools are ideal for remote assembly operations, those where the assembly is of sufficient size that the tool must go to the assembly instead of the assembly coming to the tool, as on most assembly lines.

The 3000-Series system incorporates a specially-designed Exacta® 2 digital torque wrench that communicates with and is controlled by proprietary software. The data export capabilities of the system facilitate integration with your plant’s quality software. This eliminates inefficiencies associated with information and data handling, and allows you to focus on joint quality!

The software manages three databases.

  • The Task database holds information pertinent to each single task, such as: unit of measure, min torque, max torque, number of fasteners, mode of operation and related specifications.
  • The Tools database contains information on the 3000-Series Exacta® 2 wrenches you have, such as capacity and serial number of each.
  • The Users database contains the data on your operators, such as employee number, name, and what operations they are permitted to perform with the software and tool.

These databases are combined to create Job Templates. Job templates are commonly-used or recuring combinations of tasks, tools and users, and permit rapid job creation for all future uses of each template.


  • Audible Prompts - Supplementing the visual information are audible prompts from a beeper.
  • User-Friendly Job Data Management - The data on every fastener torqued by every tool and every operator on every assembly is in the database. Preformatted reports can be viewed or printed for every completed job, or the data can be exported for analysis and reporting by spreadsheets or quality software. Since the data is in the database these functions can be performed immediately upon upload from the tool or reserved for later, as best fits your needs.
  • Three Modes of Operation: Track, Peak and Residual - Assembly and auditing are both accommodated with these three modes! The residual mode improves torque audit consistency for most hard and many medium joints.
  • Extremely Accurate -The 3000-Series Exacta® 2 is accurate to +/- 1% of Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of rated capacity in Track and Peak modes. The Residual mode assists the user in determining retained torque on a joint. The actual accuracy percentage is contingent upon joint condition and user technique.
  • Multiple Units of Measure - English and Standard International units of measure are on each tool. The exact units vary by tool capacity.
  • The 3000-Series Exacta® 2 Uses the S/R Interchangeable Head System - The S/R line of Interchangeable Heads provides exceptional strength and rigidity of connection through our unique dovetail connection. Virtually all of these heads are made from a single piece of alloy steel, which assures durability and strength. With over 100 heads of 1 7/16” Common Centerline Length to choose from, the versatility of your 3000-Series Exacta® 2 is greatly multiplied! Note: 250 and 600 foot-pound capacity tools use the S/R slide pin ratchet.
  • Extended Battery Life - The 3000-Series Exacta® 2 uses four (4) AA NiMH batteries of 2200 mAh capacity. These batteries (sold separately with 15-minute charger in NAFTA countries only) provide ample operating time between charges. Backup batteries (NAFTA countries only) are available with 2500 mAh capacity.

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