Outdated impact guns causing bottleneck on the production line


The customer presented with multiple issues caused by using outdated impact guns in their production process.  1. They were using multiple impact guns at a station with no visibility for tracking torque.  2. The impacts were hard on the operators hands as well as extremely loud.  3. They were having to change tools on the airline constantly.


After on an onsite review of their unique production process, examining the enhanced technology available in newer impact guns, the best solution was to implement Panasonic Transducerized AccuPulse Tools.


The operators are now able to pick up a socket which will automatically change to the desired torque for the correct valve.  The tool is fast, accurate and much more ergonomic than the pneumatic impacts they were using.  They plan to collect data in the future and with the controllers talking to their MES system, they will now be able to do that. Team Air Power was able to create a happy customer with another specialized Manufacturing Solution.

Panasonic case study

How To Set And Verify The Torque Output of a Panasonic Mechanical Pulse Tool



How To Set And Verify The Torque Output of a Panasonic Mechanical Pulse Tool


In this video, Air Power Technical Specialist, James Stanley walks through steps to set and verify the torque output of a panasonic mechanical pulse tool.


Equipment utilized- Panasonic Mechanical Pulse Tool with Sturtevant Richmont Beam Wrench

  1. Determine target torque for application.  Utilize beam wrench to tighten test joing to desired torque.  Once desired torque is reached, “breakaway” the joint in order to properly determine breakaway torque.
  2. Complete until breakaway torque is consistent with joint.
  3. Run tool on joint
  4. Determine breakaway torque following tightening.  Compare this observed breakaway torque with the breakaway torque determined in step #1 following a successful tightening on the application joining.
  5. Utilizing the Panasonic remote controller, adjust your Mechanical Pulse tool torque output up or down.
  6. Complete steps 3-5 until consistent tool torque tightening results are achieved.


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