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Lint Free Cloths and Rags


Terry Microfiber Wipes

microfiber wipes

Microfiber Towels are 16" x 16" and made from 80% polyester ( for scrubbing) and 20% polyamide ( for absorbing). Our microfiber cloths come 12 per pack in 11 amazing colors! The ultimate in "green" cleaning.


The microfiber towels are the newest evolution in cleaning technology. No larger than 100th of a human hair, these microfibers are woven together into a tight strand and then split into wedge-shaped filaments. There are approximately 90,000 microfibers in 1 square inch of fabric. They can hold 7 times their own weight in liquid and will not lint or scratch. Because of microfibers construction, they can be rewashed over and over again for extra added value. Microfibers also work extremely well without the use of harmful chemicals. This saves you money and helps the environment. The wedge-shaped filaments actually "pick-up" dirt instead of pushing them around. For a streak free shine, microfiber is the towel for a "greener" world.



  • 100% Polyester Lint Free Tubes. 
  • Heat sealed edges which roll up when washed to eliminate edge lint. 
  • Perfect for paint prep.


Our lint free tube wipers were initially developed for the automotive assembly plants paint departments. The tubes have heat-sealed edges which rolls up on itself after the washing and scouring process. This eliminates any edge lint. The auto plants dip the wiper in isopropyl alcohol and then wipe off the car body before painting. The tube does not hold the alcohol in the fiber as cotton would, but holds the liquid in the spaces between the fibers. This means the wipers are extremely lint free but not that absorbent. These characteristics make the lint free tube a great wiper for high-tech wiping. The tube comes in either black or white and with a smooth or textured finish. They are 10" x 10" but can be cut to any length desired. There are 25# per box and approximately 500 wipers per box.



us wiping


Adele's ProKnit® 3000 Series Tack Cloth has set a new standard for quality and performance. Our unmatched vertical manufacturing system and Quality Assurance requirements ensure a high quality, consistent product. And our double-bagged packaging means you won't have to worry about contamination during shipping or storage. From start to finish, we do it all, never out-sourcing a manufacturing process. Our exclusive "honeycomb" design results in a superior and versatile tack cloth that owns the highest dirt holding and lowest tack transfer capabilities in the industry.



  • Exclusive "honeycomb" design
  • Contains no crater-causing agents
  • Double-bagged for cardboardless paint shops
  • Lint free
  • 100% 1st Quality continuous filament polyester
  • More durable than other substrates
  • Complete QA program


  • Durability results in more cars per wiper, thus lower cost
  • Heat sealed edges enhance low lint properties
  • Continuous filament yarn prevents "shedding" and does not create fiber release when snagged or caught on an irregular surface
  • Does not streak, mar, or crater
  • Consistent product every time
  • Exclusive "honeycomb" design enhances dirt-holding capabilities
  • No tackifer transfer
  • Finished and packaged in an ISO 7 (formally class 10,000) cleanroom


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