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Material Handling Solutions at your finger tips

Flex Craft was invented in 2006 by Doug Sparks a Lean Practitioner & Lean Consultant. Sparks saw the need for a flexible material handling solution that can be easily assembled by anyone and be recycled as needs change.

Why Use Flex Craft

Fast Assembly
You can start building right off the pallet! A ½” wrench, an idea and a couple of minutes until your project is ready.

Fast Design
Even though most sketches will do the job, Flex Craft offers a FREE design program that is easy to use, just copy and paste.

Fast Shipping
The Standard lead time on most orders is 2 days or less! Order by the project or establish a stocking inventory.

Friendly System
The Flex Craft bolt together system is so easy to construct, almost anyone can build their own custom solutions!

Friendly Components
With Flex Craft’s standard precut sizes, you don’t have to cut tubing.

Flexible Framing
Flexible in design only. Flex Craft perforated square tubing is made from 16 gauge steel that bolts together. Our product is built fast and made to last!

Flexible ROI
Flex Craft is 100% reusable. Simply take the old project apart and reconfigure to build your new solution.

Flexible Configurations
How many different projects can you create? The answer is endless.

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